The Bridge Between Worlds

Welcome to Jade Crossing; The Bridge Between Worlds.

Jade Crossing is an on-line role-playing environment. Our genre is modern urban fantasy. Theme is focused on a mix of high fantasy and modern elements. It assumes ages of high magic fluctuate in our world, allowing the Crossing of Bridges to other worlds during certain eras.

In our world, the legends of old are assumed to be real even if the inhabitants of earth believe them all myth and fable. The legends and myths of heroes, such as Arthur or Gilgamesh, who lived extraordinary lives and have gone on to mystical lands beyond with the promise to return when needed are very true. However, the last era when Earth was open to magic and myth has closed. It is a between time when legends slumber and the ways of magic are lost; awaiting the next era of magic to open when the stars again align to open the worlds.

Yet - Crossings have been breached, the world between worlds known as Jade Valley, that watches the Bridges and Tunnels through the Crossings have been breached. This threatens the Jade Valley as much as it threatens Earth itself. As in ages past and yet to come, some begin to awaken Integrated with the beyond, with powers and abilities to become heroes and legends for the sake of protecting the worlds and sealing the barriers to set things in their order as they should be.

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