The Bridge Between Worlds

Welcome to Jade Crossing; The Bridge Between Worlds.

Jade Crossing is an on-line role-playing environment. Our genre is contemporary/urban fantasy; it combines high fantasy and modern elements. Our theme of Jade crossing evolves around ages of high magic that fluctuate on earth, allowing portals to open to other realms and dimensions and magic to return to Earth.

In our world, the legends of old are assumed to be real even if the inhabitants of earth believe them all myth and fable. The legends and myths of heroes are very true, including such figures as Arthur or Gilgamesh, who lived extraordinary lives and have gone on to mystical lands beyond. Many have promised to return in times of need. The last era of high magic has passed a thousand years ago and isn't to return for another thousand. It is a between time when legends slumber and the ways of magic are lost; awaiting the next era of magic to open when the stars again align to open the worlds.

Yet - Crossings have been breached between other dimensions. A phenomenon known as Night Terrors is ongoing. Sightings of little monsters, faded shots on YouTube, jokes by news anchors. Similar to trends like clown sightings or the Chupacabra, its believed to be a hoax by most people. You know otherwise. It has awakened something in you, like magic and you've encountered the Night Terrors. What this means for you and the threat to the barrier that protects earth from other dimensions, the Jade Crossing, is a tale that has only just begun.


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