Character Generation

All characters are made on the game. This may be accessed through the web-client on your browser or by accessing the game through an app based client using the following addresss:

Overdone Concepts

Criminal backgrounds. Nothing has been over the top with connections to criminal organizations and entities, just we're getting a lot of these connections. Streetwise for info gathering is covered.

Magi that were Melee experts prior to realizing they're Integrated. We understand the want to protect oneself but in combat a Mage will attack with spells and is expert at defending against spells. Too much melee detracts from Warriors purpose as front line fighters. They do not have magic/magic defense. Warriors get a bonus due to their magic in melee to attack and defend but we have more magi that initially fight better than warriors at present. We're not looking for combat mages (other than spell flingers and defenders to fight evil type magi).

Character Generation


For age, characters must be at least 21 years old. If you set it at 21 and it makes you 20, let staff know. It sets the year to current-21, but the month may be next month and you're only 20.

For sex, set the sex your character identifies or associates as. You may choose neutral or binary. A silly answer (not enough, only on my bday) will need to be corrected before staff approves a character.

Type is used to identify if they are Mundane (ordinary human), Integrated (Magic-touched/integrated), or Holistic (Fully aware Integrated, aware of their bloodline and heritage). Holistic cannot be selected in CG.

Type: Staff focus is on the integrated, playing Mundane is simply for sandbox style play. Staff will not run plots for Mundane, they are responsible for their RP.

Integrated is to distinguish which class of Integrated the character is. Mage are spellcasters, they use magic skills to cast various spells. Warriors are those gifted with summons of magically enchanted armor and arms. None is an option for the Mundane.

Element. Choose which of the five elements your characters bloodline is associated with. If you are one of the Mundane, None is the option for you.

Actor. Not yourself or anime/cartoon. Pick someone who would play your character in a live action movie.

Attributes and Skills

You are allocated 60 points for character generation.

Note that 8 of these points are distributed equally among your attributes, 2 points in each being average. As well, 2 points are allocated to being sufficiently adept with speaking, reading and writing English. Thus 10 points are deducted from the 60 points once you begin character generations (use +reset in the abilities room).

Only 12 points total may be used among your four attributes. Only one may have 4 dots/points.

Only one skill can be at level 7 or above. Magic is limited to 6 in CG. (See Growth Below)

If you join during opening, May/June 2021, you can have magic of 6, but do not RP professional level stuff, or cast Tier II or III spells right out of the gate. We are year-zero, no one has trained enough to be able to do that. You will have to meet Old Man in Jade Valley to improve training.

A total of 24 points can be used on action skills. No BG skill can be used for an action roll; you cannot put athletics at 3 and darts at 9, then use darts to throw things outside of com bat.

Skills and Staff Review

We're not looking to approve everyone with Melee as their skill above 6. No NPC should be at this level or above, staff made generic NPCs intended for combat may be 4 to 5 unless they are special and/or unique.

A quick guide:

1-3 Novice - you could be a golden gloves champ at this level of melee. You're a novice in the skill you can do it, you can survive if needed with it, but you'd be struggling if it was your career.

4-6 Professional - you make a living off this, 4 is a decent living, place to live, car, a vacation every year. 6 is easily six figure income, nice place to live with spare guest room and facilities, maybe two cars, etc. If you are a melee person in this range, you are on some professional circuit, you will be recognized by fans at the very least.

Its assumed you've had training post high school of at least 2-3 years. You are at least 20-22 years of age to have professional level skills. A doctorate degree is closer to 28-30 years old minimally. 4 years undergrade, 2+ years master, 3+ years doctorate.

7-9 Veteran. You're done it a few years, you're older (30+ minimal). You know the ins and outs of it, not just raw skill but wisdom and expertise as well. If you're just starting and have raw skill in your field, consider going professional. As a fighter at this level you at least have 10 years from golden gloves (28 give or take) and televised fights, you may have competed for a title or have one. You are known, not some secret military combat ninja.

10-12 Master. You are a respected expert/athlete/professional in your field that others defer to. If your field is melee, you have several titles. You are so good you could raise or drop your weight class and still be competitive as many do after they get tired of defending their title for a few years and seek new competition.

You only get one at 7+ in CG. Its how you made a living.

As a general guideline:

5 years experience in the skill as a professional is 7
10 years experience in the skill as a professional is 8
15 years experience in the skill as a professional is 9
20+ to be in the Master range of 10-12

Your character age should reflect the above at the least. No 20 year old savants.


Two to four quirks, fun things about your character.


We will accept bullet points. We just need a little hint of detail. Where is the character from, how were the abilities discovered or how did they manifest, are they in Detroit and if so how.

Important to note: Magic is brand new, within the last 30 days (as of the opening of the game, Very late May 2021) No character will have had their powers/magical abilities, manifest before that time. (Early May 2021) - The Old Man has been introduced to the Integrated as of June 1, 2021. Please remember this when writing your background, just as a time saver for you. Thanks!


The Integrated should strive to become Holistic Through RP and quests, represented by XP to spend, one becomes Holistic as they discover their historical/mythical ancestor.

At the point of creating the character, you may choose a tentative ancestor. +request with your choice. Ancestors Click the link for a list of current taken ancestors. If at any time you fall inactive more than 30 days, the ancestor you chose will be removed, to be available to a more active player.

To become Holistic an Integrated mage must get to master level with their Action skill and the Magic Utility BG skill. For an Integrated Warrior they must fully unlock their magic arms/armors abilities.

See more in character-growth.

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