In the advent of social media such as Facebook and Instant Messengers, this may seem slightly archaic, but one either uses their computers built in telnet, downloads a direct client interface or, for phones and smart devices, they can download apps that allows connections and interface with a MUSH and the many players already on them.

We strongly advise against Telnet as this comes with more reading and learning, but for you traditionalists this is still achievable. In Windows, the feature for Telnet Client must be turned on before the cmd prompt is accessed. From the prompt one simply types 'telnet address:port' or in the example MUSH above, 'telnet' and hits enter. This leads to the login screen shown above.

On a Mac, this is Terminal. It is in utilities and looks like an application. Running it opens a tenet/terminal window. Type in 'Telnet' the prompt will change, then use 'open 1338' and this will go to the above login screen.

Our address and port are

Otherwise, you may download clients for your computer. Each comes equipped with an address book in which the address and port can be entered, and then can be utilized for quick connects to those sites.

For the PC, we recommend Potato Mush Client, mostly as it is still maintained and updated by its developer on a regular basis. Older PC clients include MUSH Client or SimpleMu. Neither has been updated in a while, SimpleMu no longer keeps its own site but is available for download, simple search and choose the best site for you.

For MAC, Atlantis is the best known client, the developer is still activity in the community much like that of Potato Mush Client, though they've been unable to keep up with the frequency of MAC system updates.

There are several choices for smart devices in both the Apple Store and Google Play for other devices. These would require experimenting with to see which is most suitable. They are all designed with MUDs in mind, a different code from MUSH and a different style of play experience.

You can use your browser, visit our Web Cient.

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