Earth and the stars around exist as one dimension of reality. There are many such realities. To move between realities one must Cross worlds, this is known as Crossing. It is known but to few and is certainly not common knowledge by any means. Unless otherwise noted, no one knows about this in the world unless told directly. The Integrated are an exception once introduced to this concept.

At various universal conjunctures between realities, the Crossing opens allowing greater flow of magic into our world. Crossings between appear as, and are called, Bridges and Tunnels. It takes a combination of physical, emotional, spiritual and magical means to make a Crossing, when such appear it is as familiar symbols in Bridges and Tunnels. These ages come and go when the universe is aligned properly. Music of the spheres, universal harmonics, and the like are concepts that relate to this reality. When the stars align in certain predetermined patterns the Crossing is greatly accessible.

These times when all have greater access to the ability to Cross are seen as ages of myth and magic. They are cyclic, the last having closed nearly 1,000 years ago. The next is not due to happen for nearly 1,000 more years.

Jade Valley

Of all the other realities, Jade Valley is closest to Earth. This is what some might consider a pocket dimension. It is limited in scale and scope but due to its nearness to myriad other realms of reality, it also serves as a Nexus point between such worlds, it is a greater Crossing than even earth. As such, it has served as a primary barrier between worlds. Many champions of the past have served to protect this Jade Valley and Earth, please read more on this in the section on the Integrated.

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