Our Detroit is divided into 13 areas that mark out 11 super neighborhoods as well as two separate cities within Detroit itself. There are many more than this, but we used a narrowed down simplified version to make these distinctions.

Here is a map highlighting the big areas:


Note the two gray areas in the middle are the cities of Highland Park and Hamtramck.

Each of the other neighborhoods we used for our main areas include smaller neighborhoods within them, such as Downtown includes Bricktown or Greektown. Jefferson Corridor includes Riverfront Town and some extended areas. Southwest includes Mexicantown along with other distinct neighborhoods. We have generalized the areas.

All in all, the area of play is very much within a 10 square mile area at the heart of the city itself.

The Integrated brought to Detroit live at the Integrated Sports Complex, which is Cooley High School converted for this purpose by a benefactor of the Integrated.

The Jade Crossing

Hidden from the world, the Jade Crossing begins somewhere in the middle of the Michigan Central Railway tunnel between Detroit and Winsor. This tunnel is reached by entering it a mile inland in the area of Corktown-Woodbridge, or more specifically the East Industrial Area west of downtown.

Integrated Sports Complex:

Formerly the Cooley High School complex (340K sq feet includes gym, pool, theatre, other facilities) and grounds (17 acres), it has been restored as what is apparently the Integrated Sports Complex.

In reality this is an apartment complex and facility for the Integrated that have been brought to Detroit. There is no requirement to live here, but this facility is for group use and training while on Earth. A safe place to practice arts and develop. there are two story apartment complex and loft style abodes made out of the old classroom space for current residents.


Book Tower Book Tower on Washington Blvd. Location of Book Tower Scions
Detroit Public Library Detroit Public Library, Woodward Ave.
Jade Crossing Known and open Crossing between Earth and Jade Valley. A Tunnel located in Detroit on its Earth side.
Riverwalk Roast Coffee Coffee in Jefferson Corridor, part of revitalized Rivertown
The Integrated Sports Complex Located in Detroit, the training facility for Integrated.
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