We use game and game elements but we're not a game in the sense that there can/should be a winner. It is a collaborative environment, players' characters should have moments to shine but in exchange they should help bolster other players' characters so all characters have their moments.

We are not player vs player, we are player vs environment; environment can and will include NPCs, just no players should be in direct opposition to each other.

We have dice, but story should come first. Staff scenes will involve dice determination by default.

World Growth

We have a theme for the world that we want to grow. This does not mean fully handing over the reins to players. If something isn't meant to exist or be part of the our world/theme/genre and it is not in line with said theme, it won't be allowed. Staff are still serving as final arbiters. Earth is presented as is and is not meant to change. There are other realities to explore and these will not be limited; just the same they will not just be open, story will reveal further means of growth, exploration and discovery of the cosmology created by Staff. Other realms and realities will be shaped/defined/altered/explored by players.

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