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Q & A with Staff From June 2021

Where Does Lightning Fall in Elements?

Our elements are pretty straight forward. Water can act as a conduit. No basic lightning in the spells. If someone becomes Holistic, they could make spells that fit the concept of electricity/lightning. Metal could use magnetism and vibrational properties to make something electromagnetic charges (copper coil engine uses magnetics to spin the coil and generate electricity), Water could do something with storm as it already includes condensation (hot/cold mix in air creates storm lightning). So long as there is logic/reason for an Element to make an affect like lightning, we wouldn't rule it out.

Can we have a Primary and Secondary Element?

At present, the elements are meant to be distinct and support each other. We want to keep the focus on the ability to boost one another and promote RP/teamwork. This might be something to consider for later in play after Holistic level for characters there is an advances one called Aggregated. We may revisit this for that level, but not at present, just one Element.

Wood and Shapeshifting, when they are Holistic and have custom spells can they focus on shapeshifting alterations (alter self) rather than shifting into existing forms?

Yes! Could be lower tier spells. The Tier all depends on the potential outcomes for balance with current spells. But more real alterations versus illusions is a good development for custom spells for a Wood mage down the road.

Wood followup: treeforms as well for custom spells?

Ooooh! Yes, and depending on benefits or what not in the tree form, that would affect the tier level of the custom spell, as well. But yes, other organic forms would be very suitable for Wood.

Is magic more formulas/research or is some Instinctive?

Everyone has expressed some magic, its how they get noticed or found by Tinklings (strange lights in Memphis, page 1 of National Enquirer etc). We don't want to get into chaos magic or other random effects. While there is some instinct it only happens in high stress/dangerous situations. The rest needs to be taught; like Harry Potter, he makes glass disappear before school but after he starts school no random spell works unless he says it just right. Its probably closer to Onward, a quick spell but stance, intent, feeling, heart fire, etc are just as important as the words which serve as a focus.

It is research and learning. Though at Holistic level they know enough of the basics that characters can start doing unique spells (this could be completely instinctive or maybe its old family formulas). The only spells before Holistic are those listed, no random magic/chaos for new effects, until one spends the XP and requests their spell concept to Staff for balance.

Very Simplified Version of the Theme?

Basically, you're a descendent of a famous fairy tale person. You just don't know it (or even who) yet. That comes later. There's a breach between that ancient world and our modern one so magic has come back to the descendants and you have the opportunity to fight the things that have come to threaten our world.

How long has it been since characters have shown some ability to get attention from Tinklings?

The thing awakening magic has only really stirred the bloodline characters within the past year or two. Getting the attention has happened in that time as the Tinklings weren't actively searching before then.

About Your Awakening

A Tinkling would have found you and brought you to Detroit. You can name one of the two NPCs (Iceleaf and Silvermist) or describe one for flavor if you like, but all Tinkling characters whether assumed or current NPCs are under staff control.

Living Conditions - @Complex

The complex is newly renovated and initial arrivals are from within the past month (late April, Early May, 2021).

The rooms are larger than a dorm room. Its closer to a very small hotel suite. There is a kitchenette area but not too fancy, more amenities are in the common rooms of the complex. Food provided to cook is in the cafeteria along with better facilities and equipment. There is a foyer/entry to each room that has sitting space with a couch and chair, but common rooms in the complex have larger tvs and better entertainment.

How many integrated per family in a bloodline?

One per family, they get all the marbles/magic. Your character is the lucky one at present.

Do Warriors roll to get arms/armor/abilities?

No. They get arms/armor as their summons. Mages are more versatile, they only roll for some spells. Warriors do not need to roll.

How many in current family can be Integrated

Only one per generation has the potential and it requires magic to be open between worlds.

How far back must ancestor be

They can be as recent as you like (1800s has a lot of folk tales). Magic was last open and flourishing on Earth 1000 years ago. It should be a in a slumber now. The 1800/recent ancestor could be a story carried forward and applied to your recent ancestor or could be a magic blip that happened, the truth is unknown.

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