Jade Valley

Jade Valley is the place of legend, a world between worlds. Many cultures on earth have their own names for this place of mystery. From Avalon to Kunlun Mountain, and Arcadia to the Emerald City. It stands immortal and appears as any number of ages throughout time and history, no later than medieval times and no earlier than the Spring and Autumn Period. It is not one culture or time per say; it is primitive and cultured in various aspects throughout the realm.

Jade Valley
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At its heart is Citadel, and beyond are five strongholds representing its border. This represents the Valley proper while beyond are barriers that are seemingly physical and metaphysical. Jade Valley is a pocket dimension that is close to Earth and represents a nexus of Crossings between many such worlds. It is the primary crossing to Earth from other such similar worlds and places.

The inhabitants are limited in Jade Valley.

At its heart is a presence, the Wise Old Man. He is the central figure and seemingly the keeper of this Nexus. He has interacted with earth before and will do so again. Known by many names from Merlin to Confucius, he appears in a guise on Earth that commands respect and authority in matters of wisdom and advice. There are some inhabitants that serve as his attendants, to keep the realm functioning. Mostly during the 'Slumber' when the Bridges and Tunnels over and through the Crossing are generally closed; they keep threats at bay and out of the realm.

Around the realm are five strongholds meant to observe and guard the Crossings at stronger convergent points where Bridges and Tunnels naturally appear when the universe aligns. Typical during the great slumber on Earth, there are few incursions into Jade Valley but something has weakened the Crossing.

The Crossing

The Crossing is a barrier between worlds. It appears to exist but can only be entered or Crossed by Bridges and Tunnels. Most, but not all, of these areas exist along the outskirts of Jade Valley, some have permanent non-human residents one should be aware of before nearing the Crossing.

Stronghold: The Jade Citadel, the largest fortification in Jade Valley and the heart of the realm.

Hero/Guardian: Wise Old Man. He has been many things and many people in many ages; Merlin, Confucius, The White Cloud Hermit, Chiron, many many more. It is unknown if he is a man/being/deity, or a personification of something beyond understanding such as the voice of the Crossing around Earth/our world.

Protectors: Tinklings. Known in cultures by various names. They are dragon-beasts, creatures that stand 10 to 12 feet in height, covered in fur with horned heads. They are wise beings full of compassion as much as they are full of knowledge. They are their are fierce and fearsome. Among the mange of their fur especially near their horns are beads, medals, and others objects that sometimes tinkle as they move. The tinkle of these beads is at times the only way to know one is present if it chooses not to reveal itself. These agents Cross the Tunnel known as Jade Crossing to earth when a new Integrated is discovered, they bring them to the Earthen city known as Detroit as well as bring Integrated before the Wise Old Man in the Jade Valley.

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Cursed Canyon

A large canyon very difficult to enter and impossible to navigate. Staying above the Howling Spires that adorn the canyon one is faced with razor winds full of stinging rocks making it impossible to go over. Entering the maze of spires, one is assaulted by howling and wailing, low sometimes and abrupt at others. While creepy, one can brave the spires but will end up lost for a day and up to a week before always emerging facing the Citadel once more.

Stronghold: Stonehill

Hero/Guardian: Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian legend, Akkadian epic Hero)

Protectors: The court of Gilgamesh is served by a tribe of Lamassu, who acts as companions of the legend and as a standing army to defend against Crossings from Beyond the canyon, should needs arise.

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Onyx Mountains

These are impenetrable mountains. They do have small mines and access to minerals but it is impossible to delve too deep. The mountains too high for any climber alone, or assisted, to scale.

Stronghold: Nightshade

Hero/Guardian: Oya (Yoruba warrior-ess turned deity, able to remove trees/clearing paths by wind and storm)

Protectors: Inyoni clan, based on Impundulu (lightning birds). Inyoni are bird-like beings that can tranform into birds. They ride on the backs of Wooly Rhinos (Emela-Ntouka) and are in service to Oya. The Inyoni, like Oya, are capable of flight. They produce lightning to great affect including starting fires where their bolts strike. They mount Wooly Rhinos into battle when on land, but fly otherwise.

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Scorched Wastelands

Too hot to cross on foot, or too dangerous with scorching beds of scolding water and burning magma. Ruins seem to be scattered among rocky terrain and plateaus but none are reachable without suffering death (or risking and turning back).

Stronghold: Emberherst

Hero/Guardian: TampuChacay (Incan warrior, defeated Ayar Cachi, an evil demigod that disavowed humans, trapped the demigod in the realm of the gods, believed turned to a statue).

Protectors: Various Amaru can be summoned. These are Incan/Andean dragon like creatures. They have the head of a puma, wings of a massive condor and the tail of a boa constrictor, its body a mix of creatures, puma like legs with forelegs like talons of a condor. They are deadly and the largest of which can be ridden by TampuChacay.

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Sea of Oblivion

Beyond the cliffs of the harbor and rocky isles lies the Sea of Oblivion. No matter how long one might travel by ship into the Sea, any look back reveals no distance has been traversed on this Sea.

Stronghold: Blackthorn the Shadowkeep

Hero/Guardian: Scathach, the Shadow (female Scottish warrior, trainer of the Irish mythological figure Cu Chulainn said to have given him the mighty spear Gae Bulg - the spear of mortal death, only known master of its technique said to have been taught to Cu Chulainn).

Protectors: A Clan of Selkie reside among the isles near Blackthorn, they have domesticated (to them alone) a herd of water horse which they can ride into battle as needed.

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Whispering Woods

Unknown words and voices are barely audible in this mysterious wood. Entering one will find themselves lost and are only free once they manage to find their way back to the Jade Valley. There is no way beyond.

Stronghold: Oakenfield

Hero/Guardian: Coyote (Trickster warrior/hero of 1st People of North America)

Protectors: Dire animals/north american - huge bears, dBeer, while boars, he rides a dire stag if/when needed.

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Other Denizens

The Witch of the Woods - Mother Earth, the Old Hag, the Cunning Witch, Wise Old Woman, Baba Yaga. Many names. Said to live nowhere, everywhere, or anywhere in the Jade Valley. Almost a counterpart/balance to the Old Man. A force of nature; like all such forces some view her as good or bad but each has its benefit to the Valley.

Other Geography and Features

  • Blackwater - A river that originates in the Onyx Mountains and travels westerly towards the Convergance.
  • Bushbray - River traveling out of the Whispering Wood, towards the NE where it joins the convergance.
  • Capering - A river that originates near the Cursed Canyon and flows south towards the Convergance.
  • Connex Grove - Broad and needle leaf small forest on Grystone Isle, the primary connection between Earth and Jade Valley, known as the Jade Crossing, has one point here (the other is in Detroit).
  • Convergance - the Convergance is the name of the River flowing SE from near the Jade Citadel to the Sea of Oblivion. It is also the name of the river that swirls around the river island known as the Gryestone Isle, on which rests the Jade Citadel and its prominent demesne.
  • Gryestone Isle - the river island at the center of Jade Valley which houses the Jade Citadel and its primary demesne. All rivers meet here to swirl around the island before flowing SE to the Sea of Oblivion.
  • Torgay - River flowing out of the Scorched Wastelands and towards the SE where it joins the Convergance.
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