The Integrated and Magic

All myths, fables and legends are in some way real, even if in the current age on earth they're assumed stories only. Magic waxes and wanes on Earth (see our cosmology for more information).

All player characters are somehow connected to magic. It is assumed it is in their bloodlines; that while not known, some legendary figure of the past is an ancestor and this bloodline is connected to magic and the Crossroads. In this time, this character is the carrier of all abilities, they are Integrated between worlds that allows them to more easily move between them. The character is Integrated, one with connections to magic and the worlds beyond.

Your ancestor was Integrated, they had spells or enchanted gear, they did great things. People turned them into the legends, the stories became their own beasts so to speak. Warrior basically had enchanted arms and armors with some fun enchantments on them, people translated that into flying beast and gods and deities and other such stories.


The majority of PCs in Jade Crossing are Integrated. They have access to or can use magic.

This represents itself in one of two ways. One way is that some inherit some form of tools that allow them to combat and defend threats to the Crossroads and, more specifically, Earth. This could be arms and armaments'. The only other known way is directly through magic. That is some can summon, call forth, and utilize magic in what is commonly known as spells.


An advanced form of Integration, by which one is aware of their specific legendary ancestor and their purpose. They can make the Crossing more at will, with less reliance on Bridges and Tunnels.

Becoming Holistic

Warrior: Upgrade your arms and armor. You have 10 slots to fill. Powers come from our Utility spell and power list. 1 Tier level is equal to one slot. Thus, two Tier IV powers take up 8 slots on the armor. At Integrated level you cannot take a Tier V power, this is reserved for magi at this level. Holistic opens this up allowing one Tier V ability from the common powers/spells list.

Magi: You must upgrade Magic (action skill) and Magic Utility to 9 dots each.

Both cost roughly 40XP total. More on Character Growth Page.


A normal human that has no known access to magic and is not able to make the Crossing to other realities.

Topics in Magic

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Ancestors Ancestors Claimed by Active Characters
Arms An overview of how Weapons and Armor works.
Casting Specific information for spell casters.
Character Growth Other uses for XP: new spells, enchantment for arms, how to become Holistic
Combat How to use Magic action skill with Magic Combat.
Discovering This page relates to how an individual discovers their magic.
Holistic Characters aware of their Ancestor/lineage
Implements Tools of the Trade for Magi and Warriors
Magic System Overview of using magic skills in the game.
Powers A list of magic abilities that can be used as utility spells or as enchantments to magic gear sets.
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