Character Growth

All magical characters start as Integrated. Their blood is integrated with magic because of their bloodline. This means that even if they don't know it yet, some famous mythical hero is their ancestor. Through RP, and spending XP, players can become Holistic, or aware of their ancestry. Through adventures and quests, when they have bought there requirements, they learn who their ancestor is/was (player's choice once they become Holistic).

Mages will start with the skills Magic and Magic Utility no higher than 6. Once they achieve master level in each (9 dots) they can become Holistic.

Warriors start with magical arms/armor, it allows them to gain bonuses in combat against other magical creatures/entities. In play they can pay XP to add powers to their armor. Once they have completed this quest to figure out their basic armor, they too can become Holistic.

There are areas of growth beyond Holistic. The next is Aggregate, which will allows your character to hold Dominion in the realms/worlds beyond Jade Valley.

Any spends on advancements here and to become Holistic requires a +request to staff to help you with this. They will take the XP and update your abilities that will show up on '+sheet3'.

Integrated Warrior

A warrior may add powers as enchantments to their magic armor/weapon. In game, this is assumed to be unlocking more abilities in the armor/weapon they have inherited and are able to summon. Maybe they have to find gemstones that belong to the set and this adds powers, maybe old blacksmith families that have kept secrets of the armor help them unlock abilities. How they are unlocked is part of the players' building their characters story.

Limit: 10 slots/powers on armor. One tier counts as one slot (or pip), thus a Tier IV ability is four pips of the ten total allowed. Cannot add any Tier V ability.

Cost: 4 xp per slot. Thus a Tier I power costs 4XP and a Tier IV costs 16 XP.

Tier XP Cost1
I 4 XP
IV 16 XP
V2 20 XP

Note1: You have 10 slots to fill, this will cost a total of 40XP to complete your Integrated set.
Note2: Tier V is not available at Integrated level.

You are not limited to your element, but let staff know how the ability works with your element. Example: You are a water warrior but want something like Leaf Message for your armor. You could call it Wave Whisper and through condensation in the air, you can deliver messages at a distance.

Once the armor is fully upgraded you may become Holistic.

Integrated Mage

You start out as a new mage, you should only know Tier I spells. We allow the purchase of up to 6 dots in Magic and access to Tier III (Tier +1 for each level Novice, Professional, Veteran, Master). This should be played out by the character, getting Tier II and III, Xp represents the climb to Tiers IV and V.

Once you have 9 dots (master level) in both Magic and Magic Utility, you may become Holistic.

As warriors summon arms/armor, the Magi summon a foci. Usually like a wand or a staff. For each tier of spells they gain access to they must quest as well to increase the power of the foci, adding gems to a wand, ribbons to a staff, tying on paper spells that bind to the wood and become more spell power for the mage.


Once your character becomes Holistic means you may choose the ancestor for you character. Ancestors. Your character has discovered their ancestor through some means in-game. It could be King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, some fantasy figure (Snow White, etc.). Any mythical figure from any cultures mythos on earth. Just let staff know which mythos so we can look up information.


When you become Holistic, you gain 10 more slots for your arms/armor and may have one Tier V enchantment.


As you become Holistic, you may develop your own unique spells beyond the 10 associated with your Element. You may develop 10 more spells over time, 2 per tier at the cost of 4 XP per tier (a Tier V spell costs 20 Xp to develop).


This is a level above Holistic. Magic bloodlines are meant to protect realms/worlds, you discover your bloodline's realm and can hold dominion among the realms. This level will open new abilities. More to come here, such as costs and what is gained, when we have players nearing this level of play.

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