Magic System

As an Integrated player you have two choices to make.

1) What is your element?

We use five elements, these affect characters in combat and determines spells and affects associated with them. They are Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. In combat, certain types have certain bonuses to attack or defend against each other. See more in Combat Magic.

2) Are you a warrior or a mage?

Warriors are merely those who can summon magic arms and armaments when they are needed. The arms and armor bestowed upon the character are imbued with this element and, as noted above, each one has various bonuses to attack and defend. The powers that can be enchanted/given to armor are the same as spells that the magi can cast. See more in arms.

A mage is someone who can cast spells in and out of combat. In combat, there are mage weapons that emulates magic spells, such as bolt, ray or explosive force. Based on your element they interact with other players and monsters to give bonuses to attack and/or defend against other elements.

As a Mage, for each level of skill (Novice, Pro, Veteran, Master) in their utility they have access to a spell tier +1.
There are five tiers. A master Mage has access to Tier 5 spells in their domain.

A warrior can add abilities to their gear from these Tiers. Their gear always gives them a bonus in combat per their element (bonuses to attack certain elements, bonuses to defend certain elements). Each tier level, up to 4 only, counts as one slot and they have 10 slots to work with. For each slot they choose what is added to their gear (a rune, a stone, some trinket or talisman) and they must go on some sort of quest to get the item.

Magic: Combat

A mage can cast magic in combat. The system will have a number of weapons that can be used to represent spells. These weapons will allow for different effects in combat, be aware of these when using +combat.

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Magic: Support

The background skill of Magic Support is beneficial in two regards.

The first is healing. Jade Crossing only utilizes magical healing for combat. If someone is running using +combat in the game, healing defaults to the action skill of Magic. This requires some GM/Storyteller oversight to assure that a player who uses the first aid action in combat actually has Magic Support.

With healing, it is based on the concept of five elements and how one generates another. The element of choice for a mage or warrior can only be healed by a mage associated with its Generating element. The circular order of precedence is as follows:

Wood generates Fire: burning wood makes a larger fire
Fire generates Earth: the ash of wood adds to soil and builds earth
Earth generates Metal: ore (metal) comes from within the earth
Metal generates Water: metal containers move/transfer water, makes one pool bigger/combines water
Water generates Wood: Plants/trees grow by adding water

Thus, by example, if a character is associated with fire, only a wood mage with Magic Support bg skill can heal them magically mid combat. There is not fast patch first aid capable of healing mid combat as with normal FS3. Healing is magic.

The second feature of support is the ability to boost another (give a bonus to dice rolls). This can be done for various combat and non-combat dice rolls, including others casters spells.

Roll Magic Support and the other character receives +1 per level of success; Success +1, Good Success +2, Great Success +3, Amazing Success +4.

Magic: Utility and/or Warrior Gear

A mage that wants to cast utility spells outside of combat must have the BG skill Magic Utility. These do not do damage to people, that is combat only. The level of Magic Utility indicates the Tier of spells they can use; Novice (1-3 dots) Tiers 1 & 2, Professional (4-6 dots) Tier III, Veteran (7-9) Tier IV, and Master (10-12) for Tier V.

A mage may cast up to 5 Tier I spells, 4 Tier II spells, 3 Tier III spells, 2 Tier IV spells, and 1 Tier V spells in a single day. They may get for more spells to cast based on their Magic action skill, 1 extra for Novice, 2 for professional, 3 for Veteran and 4 for Master. The extra slot may only be used once for each spell, not 4 x for a spell.

If the mage is not under duress, they can cast spells within their limits. If they are under duress (any tense or high stress situation) they just roll Magic. Results are as follows: success needed for Tier I and II spells, good success for Tiers III and IV, and great success for Tier V. They may roll their magic utility as a bg specialization to bolster their Magic roll, other magi with magic support can contribute as well.

For a list of spells/gear abilities, look Here

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