Offer a safe and secure role-play environment for players to engage with a theme based on modern, enchanted fantasy style RP.


Staff and players form a community that makes for a friendly, safe environment that encourages a want to RP.

Staff believes players are more likely to engage by/if/when:

  • Players will actively engage with a rich world assisted if/when they feel they are supported by Staff.
  • Staff do not make their PCs active or integral to the World allowing players to drive stories as staff breath life into the world and its NPCs for the players
  • Staff and players actively listening to one another will make for a safer and friendlier environment for players.


Engage with players so that they feel a sense of belonging to the community and that their contributions help the world grow/evolve by:

  • Creating a unique and interesting world to explore and engage with
  • Present enough metaplot that allows for growth and inspiration for players to generate and participate in Player Run Plots
  • Offer content on the game and the wiki to highlight and show how the world grows / evolves
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