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Jade Crossing is the way between worlds, connecting Earth to the Jade Valley. During times of high magic the Bridges and Tunnels between worlds are open and magic flows high on Earth. Magic, however, has been in slumber for generations.

Yet - Crossings have been breached between other dimensions. A phenomenon known as Night Terrors is ongoing. Sightings of little monsters; faded shots on YouTube, jokes by news anchors. Similar to trends like clown sightings or the Chupacabra, its believed to be a hoax by most people. You know otherwise. It has awakened something in you, like magic and you've encountered the Night Terrors. What this means for you and the threat to the barrier that protects earth from other dimensions, the Jade Crossing, is a tale that has only just begun.

Jade Crossing is a new MUSH focused on urban/contemporary fantasy. In a manner it is similar to a year-one comic/powered story line. Individuals have powers and they are trying to figure out why. There are villains and secret organizations out there working against the heroes, but at this point it is unknown. Plenty of room for Player Run Plots as we progress both on Earth and in the Realms beyond.

Please feel free to check things out: http://jadecrossing.wikidot.com
Address: arcadia.silvertree.org:1338

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