Njall Jorgenson
Age: 32
Element: Fire
Class: Mage
Location: ???
Ancestor: Prometheus
Portrayed by: Kevin Creekman
Thief of Fire, Giver of Light, Lover of Life


(2021-07-13) To the Valley Again
To the Valley Again A few new folks make a trip to the Valley to see the Wise Old Man....

(2021-07-03) Your Fathers Mess
Your Father's Mess Gildermen seeks out Harper and Njall following the goblin incident with...

(2021-06-27) The Detroit Witch Project
Detroit Witch Project Njall takes Alexander and Harper on an Urbex to a 'haunted' Shack on the...

(2021-06-27) P is for Park or Picnic
P is for Park or Picnic Harper and Alexander bump into each other at the Park, and Alex meets...

(2021-06-19) Off the Chain
Off the Chain Njall meets Harper, making an explosive impression. An Old neighborhood gym....

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