Peter Holzer
Age: 34
Element: Fire
Class: Mage
Location: Somewhere or the other
Ancestor: TBA
Portrayed by: Matt Ryan

Main Body

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(2021-07-17) Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting To announce the Wine Cellar's completion in the ISC, a Wine Tasting with...

(2021-07-13) To the Valley Again
To the Valley Again A few new folks make a trip to the Valley to see the Wise Old Man....

(2021-06-17) Hot and Cold Q&A
Hot and Cold Q A Following the debacle at the museum, Gilderman comes to the ISC to check in...

(2021-06-09) Wild University Nights
Wild University Nights The Integrated are asked to retrieve a codex like stone from Wayne...

(2021-06-07) Vienna Ooooh La La
Vienna Ooooh La La Coffee and Bear Claws! Riverwalk Roast - Jefferson Corridor Detroit...

(2021-06-06) Magic Discourse
Log Title Training on the ISC Grounds with Iceleaf, discussion about magic. The Tinklings...

(2021-06-05) By The Power Of Grayskull and Other Training Flops
By The Power of Grayskull and Other Training Flops Some of the Integrated discuss training. ...

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