These our the game polices, including how they will be enforced to insure we follow the vision, beliefs and statements of our mission.

When you typed +accept on the Games welcome screen (room 0), you agree to these policies. If you choose a tl;dr approach, make sure you view our Harassments policy as this one we are likely to enforce with as little as one warning and maybe none at all depending on severity.

Rule 0 is 'don't be a creep'; this directly relates to Consent and Harassments. As a lot of this boils down to player vs player interaction and tends towards relationships in some manner, we have a guide for how to not be a creep that we have used before and will use again. Its not our guide, its borrowed from someone else who said it far better than we did. Read The Guide on Not Being a Creep!

Age Limit

OOC: 21
IC: 21

Players who agree to policy are acknowledging they are 21 years+. If staff find out a player is younger, they will be removed from the game due to the possibility of explicit or graphic role-play that may occur beyond staff control on Jade Crossing.

We appreciate some folks enjoy younger characters, our preference is 21 and older. This avoids concerns for other players comfort levels and real world legalities that very state to state/province to province/country to country. We don't want to police it, we won't approve any character under the age of 21. If we find individuals trying to bypass this in other ways, we will work to enforce regularity; this includes having a mental illness and acting like a child, having an older char look youthful like someone who is younger, or other means to fulfil some desire to play someone under the age of 21. Note: This is subjective, its in a players interest to not toe the line due to staff subjectivity.


We allow one main character and one alt/secondary.

The main should be an Integrated character. The alt should be Mundane (See Terminology). If a player prefers only Mundane, only one may become aware of the Integrated and the worlds beyond by way of playing a supportive character to an Integrated character. By supportive we mean friend/family/loved one, which could serve various recurring plot devices for Integrated adventures (threatened, distressed by villains, etc.). The second character, or alt, should be a regular human to focus on slice of play for one's story telling leisure.


We are a consent based game, with the addition of ICA=ICC. In character actions having in character consequences.

That is by playing here you consent that not all outcomes may be under the purview of your consent.

Similarly, an adverse course of events does not have to be played out unless a player consents to playing it out versus fading to black.

This does not supersede other policy, notably Harassments. If a player is on a destructive course of action, leading to potential consequences that may not be wanted, a plot runner/staff should express this to a player such that they can reverse course or continue on said course (ie, involved parties should assure mutual consent before proceeding into deeper waters, so to speak).


Don't do it. Especially OOC, if someone hints to stop/tone it done/move on - do it! Stop when asked.

Play it safe ICly, we will enforce this IC as well. If your RP partner seems reluctant or uncertain, play it safe and ask before proceeding with something. If asked to stop by another player or staff, stop whatever it is you are doing immediately. Harassment will not be tolerated!

This is our most important policy.

If someone produces a log saying 'don't say or do this to me or my character' along with continued doing of said thing, that's liable to end with an instant ban.

If multiple parties start coming forth with similar treatment or creeper vibes on the same players, that's likely to lead to a ban. More so if we do a benefit of the doubt and give a warning and others continue to comment about creepy vibes to staff.

We do not want this here; we envision this theme being small and such craptastic behavior can kill a smaller MUSH/game.


We are less focused on highly involved storytelling; that is we are not the sort of MUSH one has to be on constantly to feel involved or they fall behind/out of the loop on what is happening in the game world. So, while we appreciate it very much if you would give us a notice that you no longer wish to play a character if you decide to quit them, we understand the inability to do so sometimes. RL Happens. The only circumstance that is more apt to fall under idle policy relates to Holistic characters, see the note at the end of this section for specifics.

Once a character has been inactive/idle for 30 days, they will most likely be marked inactive on the wiki and placed in the freezer to be held for you in case you do return, saving your name and PB. After 30 days idle, your choice of Ancestor will be removed from you to be made available for others to choose.

However, after 60 days of no logging in, we will assume you are not returning and your character may be added to the idle nuke. This will be more enforced/considered depending on the size of character objects on rosters (using DB space, they don't use much but no one likes drawing up massive lists of names when searching for objects). Long lists also mean popular names may be used that other players want, this may be considered after 60 days under idle nuke options.

We will not roster previously played characters. They will always belong to prior players who may activate them/play again at their will. It is their IP.

Big Note

If you play long enough to have a Holistic character (one familiar with their heroic ancestor, such as the great+++++ grand son/daughter of Lancelot), we will enforce 30/60 freezer/nuke policy. This is to free up lineage as needed for other players to become the controller of stories related to past/present bloodlines.


TV: PG to R

Public RP should be considered TV:PG. Everything in the open and in public places/scenes should be TV:PG. We mean primary network TV:PG. More evening drama, including adult oriented content is fine but there are limits to expressing violence, sexual innuendo, and language without actually showing or putting it in the viewers face.

Examples: Someone may be shot without having to show a pool of blood on the ground, a sheet over a figure to imply trauma/wound/death. Waking up in underwear under sheets to imply an adult situation just happened without bordering into soft R porn. Other words to imply anger via profanity without using a bleep sound. Expressiveness can occur without trying to bypass the censorship filter on air/tv.

Not everyone wants to see it or cares too. Consider two primary shows similar to our modern fantasy genre; Once Upon a Time and the Trollhunters/Arcadia Series. Storytelling doesn't use adult content as a focus or a way to attract viewership, its the story itself that does that.

Private, non-public locations can go into R if all participating players are willing. By engaging with a private scene going down this road, we consider this to be consent. Violence without gore, sex without describing implicit details of how a dongle connects between port a and b, language that is censured on TV (the seven words) without using the 14+ of a Marine (skulls and eye sockets, activities verbally expressed in name calling, name calling that most people don't like even if some parts of the world are 'okay' with it).

NC-17 if parties actively consent (ooc consent); be aware of limitations, boundaries, and personal triggers. Otherwise be aware of our Consent and Harassments Polices. No still means no, pressure without actual consent is bordering into Harassments. Harassment for us can, and does, involve zero tolerance situations; its creepy.

By mindful of triggers in all scenes and respect boundaries. If someone doesn't like breath holding as its a trigger, don't include breath holding in play (mild example, but use hyperbole as extremes apply more so).

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