We use FS3 as the underlying system. It is easy to learn and easy to use.

If we use it any differently than intended, we will make notes here.


More to come. Please see the Magic System for detailed information and possibly more pages related to magic.


A lot more players are familiar with FS3 though there are a few variances in interpreting and/or utilizing tools; this includes background skills. This is how they intended to be used on Jade Crossing.

Backgrounds skills represent a broad range of anything not covered under Action skills, but they will also represent specializations.

Under no circumstance does a Background skill supersede an Action Skill. By this, we mean that during a scene in which an action skill is called for/applicable, a background skill may not be rolled in its place. However, a background skill intended as a specialty may be rolled before or scene, or as needed assuming unforeseen developments occur, to give a limited bonus to one's Action skill. As a specialty, it may not be higher than its parent Action skill.

BG Skill Bonus example:
Players decide to RP a baseball game. It is assumed players will make various Athletics rolls (during play, to represent an inning, or however/many the runner and/or players decide). John has baseball as a BG skill as well. So long as it is not above athletics, it is assumed to also be a specialty not just a baseball knowledge/fan skill. John can roll this to give a bonus to his athletics rolls during the ball game.

The bonus is dependent on the one time BG skill roll and the level of success; Success +1, Good Success +2, Great Success +3, Amazing Success +4.

A story teller may choose to apply a difficulty to the roll based on the situation.

John wants to hit a baseball over a wall with a string to help the group scale the wall more easily. Its high winds during a thunderstorm. By using vs, one can enter in a value for the weather to roll in opposition. +roll john=baseball vs storm=6.

Note, the opposition roll for checking a situation can be used for player vs player rolls. If the second name is not a PC's name but an NPC or condition, two base dice will be added to the roll. So the 6 above will roll 8 dice. Do not set it too high. While we are players vs environment in nature (not player vs player), we also assume players are heroes. Opposition isn't meant to make something impossible unless it seems impossible; John hitting a small rock with a stick like a baseball through a window a hundred yards away with a Tornado ripping up the land between John and that window.

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