• Bridge: Physically a bridge that is a Crossing between realities.
  • Cross/Crossing/Crossroads: Moving between realities. This is physically seen as Bridges and Tunnels. These appear in conjunction with actual bridges and tunnels on Earth when they are open to Cross between realities.
  • Holistic: An advanced Integrated, they have come to understand their roots to the individual of legend/lore from which they came and have a higher purpose. They can Cross more free between realities, nearly at will, less confined to Bridges and Tunnels.
  • Integrated: A person gifted with magic arms/armaments or the ability to cast spells. They can also Cross more freely between realities by using Bridges and Tunnels.
  • Mundane: a normal human, they cannot make the Crossing.
  • Slumber: A period on earth when the Crossing is closed and there are no Bridges or Tunnels to other realities
  • Tunnel: Physically a tunnel that is used to Cross between realities.
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