The genre of Jade Crossing is a take on the modern fantasy. Using such inspirations as the Once Upon A Time series, Tales of Arcadia (Trollhunters, 3Below, Wizards), and other recent takes/interpretations on modern/futuristic enchanted fantasy tales and stories. We offer a unique and original theme for players to explore in a larger, multi-player role-playing environment.

In our theme, players take on the rolls of regular persons that have become Integrated with magic in some manner. This gives all Integrated characters the ability to make the Crossing to another realm known as Jade Valley. Jade Valley serves as a nexus realm between numerous possible other realms of existence; it also serves as a primary barrier/protection for Earth from any external threats in a manner of speaking.

Our primary location on Earth is Detroit. Here is the only known Tunnel to Jade Valley during this era. As a character discovers their abilities, they are contacted by beings of Jade Valley to help them learn who they are and what their purpose might be. In doing so they are brought to Detroit and introduced to Jade Valley.

The theme of Jade Crossing assumes there are ages of magic when heroes and legends are needed to protect Earth and humankind. These ages can be foretold in the stars, but the knowledge is long lost. So old myths and tales are true and there is a foretold returning of such heroes in an age when they will be needed again.

What matters most is that now is not such a time of magic. Something has happened to weaken the Crossing. The Integrated are found and brought to Detroit and shown the Crossing, and they are given the task of not only defending Earth from other threats making the Crossing, but also to protect Jade Valley itself, a hub in the Crossing that is closer to many more worlds in this age than Earth itself.

They are meant to train and defend any breaches to Earth as well as locate and close any gaps that lead to and threaten Jade Valley where magic is stronger.


There are several roles a player can play.

The Integrated:

The focus of staff is on the Integrated. These are the characters that use magic and regular travel between the real world and that of Jade Valley. They are brought to Detroit and shown the Jade Valley, they interact with the primary inhabitant in the Valley known as the Wise Old Man. He offers advice and training as well, together with him and the few denizens of the Valley, they work to locate threats to the Crossing as well as deal with closing Bridges and Tunnels that should not be open at this time.


A regular human or a regular denizen of Jade Valley. They cannot cross over. Individuals may choose to be oblivious to the Crossing and magic, in favor of regular modern play. Or, they may be a denizen of Jade Valley in favor of regular, medievalist fantasy play. They can choose to be made aware of the Crossing, putting them in danger in some context based on their knowledge and/or association with the Integrated.

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