To Do

Please note this list will expand as the game grows.

Starting Out

Has your character Discovered their abilities as one of the Integrated? Play out the discover and subsequent trip to Detroit.

While in Detroit will they use abilities in our reality? Are the cops, military, science groups after your character? Play out scenes involving narrow 'escapes' and other confrontations with these groups.

Doing good in our world, helping others, stopping robbers, good guy stuff?

As we begin, figuring out the Terrors of the Night will be a focus. Your character doesn't know this yet, but the terrors are various groups of goblins. We do have NPC goblins set up, they can be used in +combat. Figuring out ways to interact more with them to get some answers might be a good idea. Where are they, where are they coming from, what are they doing?

Warrior - start plotting out what it takes to advance your armor? Do you add stones or sigils or need to have a blacksmith add something special? Get ready to adventure to to find those items needed for each upgrade.

Mage - Old tomes that have you families spells in it, need to get certain training in Jade Valley for each time you advance and learn a new Tier?

Season 1

Think of the Terrors as being the premise pilot or pre-season. There is more going on, it will be revealed in the pre-season and there will be more to do. Storytellers interested in some plot info they can distribute out through their plots are welcome to contact staff. As more is revealed, Storytellers may feel more inspired to create their own plots and twists, anyone is welcome to contact the staff for ideas.

Just be prepared for more to start happening after our pre-season, we do have a few seasons of ideas lined up as characters explore the world, each one will open other plot ideas and such that players are welcome to craft.

How to interact with Staff

Use +request

We'll even sort it out, don't worry about categories and such, just be specific in needs. We won't take lots of time to personally run stories/scenes for individual players, we can help players to run their own stories including other players.

Research. Whether trying to figure out what's happening in the real world or Jade Valley at any time, a +request will turn up clues. Discuss with other players to figure out what is going on:

  • Why have the Integrated shown up at this time
  • What are the Integrated and what is their purpose
  • Why is the real world allowing Crossings to happen at this time

Help Build Community

This wiki isn't the whole of knowledge related to Crossings and other worlds. In fact, most topics merely represent the surface of things and what most players should know. As players explore and play in the world of Jade Crossing, new relevant knowledge will arise.

If something is discovered but should be common knowledge, feel free to add it onto appropriate pages here.

Example: Tinkling is a beast that serves as a connection to otherworlds. They seek out Integrated characters and bring them to Detroit. They work with them between Earth and Jade Crossing. No individual Tinkling is named on the wiki but players and their characters will come to know them. As you develop relationships with and learn more about them, please do help develop their public information on the wiki!

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